Legislative process keeps rolling along

Here we are, eight weeks into the 2019 legislative session! (Already? Finally?) So far, over 600 bills and resolutions have been introduced in the Senate and over 700 in the House.  

When a lawmaker introduces a bill, leadership assigns it to a committee. The chair of that committee then decides whether to assign it to a subcommittee comprised of three lawmakers for initial consideration. The majority party in the chamber holds the majority on the subcommittee. If at least two of those three lawmakers sign off on it, it then it goes to the full committee for a vote. 

Yesterday marked the first legislative "funnel" — the deadline for bills to pass out of a committee in order to remain viable. It will likely take a few more days for all the bills that were amended in committee right before to the deadline to show up on the Legislature's website. Some will change bill numbers in this process. Look for a more comprehensive status update in a special edition newsletter next week. In the meantime, we will keep updating our bill tracker to reflect the status of these "successor bills." 

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Podcast: State budget and taxes

Our state budget  and how we fund it is a reflection of our collective values. In our latest podcast, Anne Discher from CFPC and Mike Owen from the Iowa Policy Project take a deeper dive into Iowa's budget and tax system and suggest our values may need a second look. 

"We're reducing revenues, and at the same time we're making our tax system less fair for lower- and moderate-income families in our state," Owen said. 

Righting these trends are important to Iowans who are concerned about the well-being of children. Said Owen: "Fiscal policy affects almost everything you want to do in the public policy arena. ... It would be nice to see Iowa step up to be a leader and show how we can work together to offer a more prosperous future for families through public policy."

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ECI legislative luncheon

Directors and board members from 10 Early Childhood Iowa areas held a legislative luncheon on Tuesday. Representing 32 counties from across the state, ECI members areas spoke with legislators about the value and long-term benefits of investments in early childhood. It was encouraging to have many state senators and representatives attended the event.

Pictured: 1, 8) Elizabeth Stanek, Linking Families and Communities; 2, 12) Sheila Hansen, CFPC; 3) Carrie Kube, Iowa River ECI; 4) Sen. Annette Sweeney, Alden; 5) Rep. Michael Bergan, Dorchester; 6) Barb Bremner, Polk County ECI; 7) Rep. Heather Matson, Ankeny; 9) Rep. Lisa Heddens, Ames; 10) Rep. Kristin Sunde, West Des Moines; 11) Sen. Tim Kraayenbrink, Fort Dodge.


Bill tracker

Want to go deeper? Curious about the status of key bills? The Center maintains a bill tracker to outline the specific legislation we are following this this session. 

Find your legislator

Not sure who represents you? With 50 senators and 100 representatives, it can be hard to keep tabs. Visit our Legislator Lookup tool to find out who represents you in the state house and senate, biographical information about each one and a link to their legislative websites, which list contact information and committee membership. All you need to do is enter your home address and zip code. 

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