Your lawmakers need to hear from you. 

Gov. Kim Reynolds and House and Senate Republicans agreed late Friday on an extreme tax bill that is scheduled for a House vote today. Its few beneficial provisions are swamped by deeply troubling provisions that will hurt many Iowans and set the state back. 

It fails to make our tax system more fair

The bill will make tax cuts of around $400 million in 2019 alone, with most benefits going to upper-income individuals and corporations. It fails to rein in escalating business tax credits and loopholes or make even modest improvements to the child tax credit that helps families defray the costs of raising children. 

It will decimate services for Iowa kids and families

There is simply no history of tax cuts of this scale paying for themselves. This bill will lead to budget cuts that will keep us from doing the things like making our foster care system work better, improving our children’s mental health system and making smart investments in our K-12 system so Iowa children are prepared to compete in the world economy. 

It will hinder economic growth

In Kansas, similar tax cuts were supposed to unleash economic growth. Instead, between 2012 and last year, when Kansas lawmakers repealed the worst of the cuts, job growth in the state lagged far behind the U.S. average—and that of its neighbors, including Iowa. 

You can make a difference in stopping this damaging bill today! 

Make two calls to your Representative and Senator and ask them both to oppose the tax bill. (Because of the timeframe, we recommend calling instead of emailing if you can.)

House members: Call the House switchboard at (515) 281-3221
Senators: Call the Senate switchboard at (515) 281-3371

Ask to be connected to your legislator or to leave a message. 

Not sure what to say? Feel free to start with this sample script:

“Hi, my name is [Name] and I'm a constituent of [Lawmaker] from [City]. I'm calling to ask [Lawmaker] to oppose the tax bill. The bill is not good for Iowa. It disproportionately helps high-income individuals and corporations, will hurt services for children and families and hinder economic growth."

Do adapt the message to reflect your experience and priorities, but remember, you will likely be speaking to switchboard staff who will write down your message, so keep it simple. 

Not sure who represents you?

505 5th Avenue / Suite 404 / Des Moines, IA 50309 / 515-280-9027 /

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